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How to Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses the Right Way

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Gone are the days of your girls all wearing the same boring dress.  The mix and match concept is the way to go to really add another element of style and personality. 

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses

Sleeveless V-Pleat Sheer Crepe Dress.jpg
Cold-Shoulder V-Back Chiffon Maxi Dress.
Draped Blouson Back Chiffon Maxi Dress.j
Blouson Bodice Mermaid Dress with Front
Lux Chiffon Maxi Dress - Ensley.jpg

Bringing in pattern with a solid color creates a beautiful and dynamic look.  Basically your bridesmaids are just adding to the style and the vibe of your wedding, so why not make a gorgeous and more interesting statement with their overall combined look. 

For this combination we selected Blush pink dresses and a spring floral pattern, Spring Fling.  The colors are consistent across fabrics and brands and look beautiful mixed together. This option is also perfect if you want to highlight the maid of honor and perhaps have her wearing the pattern and put the rest of the girls in the solid.  If you want to have a mix of pattern and solid, depending on the number of bridesmaids you have, we would just recommend having less than half of the total number of bridesmaids wearing the pattern option for the best overall balanced look. 

You can take the mix and match bridesmaid dress concept and apply it to any color scheme.  You just need to find that special pattern or floral fabric that will be the inspiration from which you can pull the solid option.  If you have more than 5 bridesmaids, you could add in a third variation and do another complementary solid, either just slightly lighter or darker tone, and create an even more stunning color palette.

Sleeveless V-Pleat Sheer Crepe Dress.jpg

Sleeveless V-Pleat Sheer Crepe Dress 

Cold-Shoulder V-Back Chiffon Maxi Dress.

Cold-Shoulder V-Back Chiffon Maxi Dress 

Blouson Bodice Mermaid Dress with Front

Blouson Bodice Mermaid Dress 

This mix and match look works because it still feels cohesive, the solid color is pulled from within the patterned fabric, so they are all complementary.  Additionally, we carefully selected these dress styles to make sure the combined looks make sense all together.  The fabrics, the cuts, necklines, and movement of the dresses all impact the overall vibe.  Therefore each of those elements need to be cohesive as well, in order for this dynamic look to come together.  Once you have that pleasing palette with balanced styles, add in some gorgeous bouquets that also tie the look together and you will have mix and match bridesmaid dress perfection! 

Draped Blouson Back Chiffon Maxi Dress.j

Draped Blouson Back Chiffon Maxi Dress 

Lux Chiffon Maxi Dress - Ensley.jpg

Lux Chiffon Maxi Dress – Ensley

Lux Chiffon Blush Swatch.jpg

All of the bridesmaids dresses are from designs within The Dessy Collection which is perfect for mixing and matching because the colors are consistent across the fabrics and even across different brands! So you can still give your girls lots of style choices and price points options, but not have to worry about a clashing tone.

You can easily grab 5 free swatches and make sure you end up with a color combo you LOVE.!  Just remember if the tones complement each other, they are going to look beautiful mixed together.  For anyone that wants to really play around with ideas and styles mixed together, they even have a fun option you can use to create your own design board. 


Last step, just pick which bridesmaid belongs in which style and cut – and you're done!  Share this page with your girls to finalize color and style choices and check one more thing off that to do list! 

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xo Annie & The AMH Team

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