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Meet Annie

Even as a little girl, I had an unusual desire for perfection and a tenacious curiosity for figuring out how to accomplish it.  It was not uncommon for 5 year old Annie to be found in her bedroom with the furniture completely rearranged.  If I was inspired, having imagined a better layout, there was no stopping me.  I somehow figured out if I wedged myself in between a wall and a large piece of furniture, I could just push with my legs, and voila! I loved analyzing, solving problems, and most of all, exceeding people’s expectations!  A surprise to no one who knows me, I was also the bossy little girl.  I knew just how I wanted things done and I was excellent at directing others. 


Little did I know then, that those innate characteristics –establishing incredibly high expectations and standards, and upholding them–would find their perfect home. I was fortunate enough, to begin my career, stepping out of college right into the highest benchmark in luxury hospitality, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. 


I spent the next 18 years there, putting my natural talents to work!  Throughout my experience, working with people and planning thousands of special events in their lives, the most important and fulfilling thing for me has consistently been helping people have exceptional experiences. I love being able to share my expertise, as well as make the most of all of those natural qualities that come with being an incurable perfectionist with impossibly high standards!


I created Anne Marie's House to be a place of trusted guidance and direction.  I wanted to take everything I have learned and share that knowledge with as many people as possible. I know how overwhelming it can be to try and plan something to celebrate an incredibly important moment in your life, and wanting it to be perfect, special, unique, all while of course appearing effortless!

Whether that moment is celebrating a very special birthday, or one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day, we cannot wait to help you!  The hope is that you will find Anne Marie's House to be a place that gives you peace of mind, makes you feel confident and stress-free, like stepping inside the house of a trusted friend (who happens to give the best advice)!

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