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floral design

Decor is one of the most fun elements of planning any event.  This is where your dreams and imagination get to come to life!  It is also typically the largest variable in your budget, with total potential cost spanning an enormously wide range.  It is so important to have a handle on your budget and the approximate total amount you have available to put towards decor. The A List floral designer offer you a wide variety of styles, strengths and price points, you cannot make a wrong choice!


HMR Designs

Based in Chicago, Illinois | Available Internationally



We believe events should be as unique as the people behind them. Perhaps that’s why the originality of our designs is rivaled only by the superior quality of our product. As a world renowned event design and production firm, we pride ourselves in over forty years of experience with the nation’s top creatives and producers. Expertly incorporating unique scenic elements with custom fabrication, graphics, floral, lighting and more, our skilled team of artisans work cohesively to create one-of-a-kind experiences and unforgettable events.

Services & Pricing

Average Event Pricing Begins at $15,000