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Overcome Wedding Planning Stress with a Clear, Personalized Path

Feel Confident and Supported with a Step-by-Step Wedding Planning Process, Expert Guidance, and Timesaving Tools

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed planning your wedding?

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Uncertainty and Worry
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Pressure and Decision Overload
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Emotional Stress
This is why...

We Created The Engaged Essentials

Your step-by-step personalized path and timesaving toolkit to confidently plan the wedding you truly desire.

Get Clear & Feel Confident

Stop feeling lost and overwhelmed, follow your personalized, wedding planning timeline and use a collection of actionable tools to simplify decsion making and clarify the entire process. 

I assumed I could figure things out on my own, but I had no idea how much I didn’t know, I didn’t know!  The Engaged Essentials brought me so much relief with clear, simple direction and tools that saved me tons of time and stress! 

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Handle Emotional Stress

Understand and be prepared to handle inevitable challenging situations that come up with family and friends with communication scripts and tools to navigate the most common conflicts and stresses.

The arguments, sadness and tears that I know this prevented for us!  Thinking these situations through in advance and feeling clear about how we wanted to handle things and exactly what we wanted to say was so helpful.

Feel Secure & Supported

Wishing you had someone to keep you on track or a wedding planning expert to ask for help? We are with you all the way through with check-ins for all the important milestones, and direct access to a wedding planning expert through online submissions and live q&a sessions whenever you need it.

I can't quite explain the comfort and ease that came from knowing we had backup - the check-in's making sure we didn't miss any deadlines, and having that expert help any time I needed some more clarity or direction. 🙌🏼

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How It Works

The Engaged Essentials Method

Why Us?


A Personalized Approach

Wherever you are in the wedding planning process, we meet you there and get you connected to the support and direction you need.


Solid Support

We understand the magnitude and importance of planning your wedding, and the value that comes from having expert support to get you through it.


Deep Knowledge

Our expert developed solution is backed by over 18 years of wedding planning knowledge and ongoing direct customer feedback.

 Use The Engaged Essentials and...
Get the guidance and tools you need to plan the wedding you truly desire.  

Wherever you are in the planning process, the Engaged Essentials will give you the guidance to plan your wedding, easier, faster and with so much less stress.

Your Personalized Wedding Planning Path
A Time Saving Toolkit
Continuous Expert Support 
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