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Overcome the impersonal wedding trap, discover and plan your authentic wedding.

Want your wedding to be unique and memorable? Take the Authenticity Assessment now!

Are you unknowingly planning a generic and impersonal wedding?

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You don't have a clearly defined vision.
No priorities (transparent).png
You don't know your top priorities.
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You're making decisions based on meaningless wedding inspo.

The Engaged Essentials Method

Your expert roadmap and timesaving toolkit to discover and create the wedding you truly desire.



The inspiration behind the Engaged Essentials Method...

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Expert Guidance

Stop feeling lost and overwhelmed. Tap into the knowledge of 18+ years of expertise, access our library of online guides and videos as Annie takes you through each of the three Milestones of the Engaged Essentials Method. 

I assumed I could figure things out on my own, but I had no idea how much I didn’t know, I didn’t know! Without the Engaged Essentials I would have planned my entire wedding based on outside influence, without any true understanding or connection to what we actually wanted.

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Actionable Tools

Stop wasting time and feeling disorganized. Our library of tools includes templates, spreadsheets and step-by-step processes to simplify each task and save you tons of time.

The Engaged Essentials Method saved us so much stress and wasted time.  Having the tools, templates and spreadsheets (from an expert!) just made things so much easier.  

Ongoing Expert Support

Wishing you had someone to keep you on track or a wedding planning expert to ask for help? We are with you all the way through with weekly check-ins and to answer questions and offer support whenever you get stuck.

I thought maybe I had already done too much planning for this to really help…but having the clarity was a game changer for us.  It was like having a compass throughout the rest of the planning process. Not to mention the comfort and ease that came from knowing we could get expert help any time we got stuck.

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The Three Milestones
of the Engaged Essentials Method

The Engaged Essentials Method

Why Us?


Deep Knowledge

Our expert developed Method is backed by 18+ years of wedding planning knowledge and experience.


An Inside Out Approach

Wherever you are in the wedding planning process, we’ll get you connected to yourself and what matters to you most.


Elite Expertise

Industry expert, Anne Merrill will personally guide and support you as you move through each Milestone.

Use our expert method to get the clarity you need to plan the wedding you truly desire.  

Wherever you are in the planning process, the Engaged Essentials Method will immediately give you the guidance to understand and create your authentic wedding, easier, faster and with so much less stress.

For a limited time as part of our pre-launch we are offering FREE access to Milestone One: Define Your Authentic Wedding.  
Free unlimited access to Milestone One.
Understand and define your authentic wedding.
Avoid unnecessary stress and wasted time.
This is going to a limited group based on the first to sign up.
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