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  • How can the Engaged Essentials help me plan my wedding?
    If you feel overwhelmed or lost, like you have no clue what you're doing If you're trying to juggle work, life and plan your wedding, and you don't have time to search and learn how to figure all this stuff out on your own If you want to save yourself wasted time and stress from making unnecessary mistakes If you want to know the right steps to follow so you can confidently plan your own wedding If you need accurate tools and spreadsheets to get you organized and save you all the time it will take to make everything yourself If you want to get all the benefits of the guidance and direction of a wedding planning expert with over 15 years of experience at the Four Seasons, without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a luxury wedding planner.
  • What exactly is included?
    Access inside the Engaged Essentials PREMIUM or PLUS will get you an online Wedding Planning resource filled with guidance, tools and templates all carefully created for you by a wedding planning expert. Have a Trusted Process to Follow Your Step-by-Step Customizable Wedding Planning Timeline & Checklist Overview Wedding Planning Guide Guide to Figure Out Your Priorities Get Organized & Plan Like a Pro 12 Videos How to Get Organized Guide Actionable How to Decide Guides Wedding Budget Checklist & Calculator Spreadsheet Wedding Guest List Template & Tracker Spreadsheet Get Personal - Guide to Making Your Wedding Uniquely You Have Expert Support Backing You Up Stay on track with monthly emails so you don’t miss a thing Submit your questions for expert advice whenever you need it
  • Is it relatively inexpensive?
    It definitely is! Compared to hiring a full wedding planner priced at thousands more, the Engaged Essentials is a no-brainer at a fraction of the cost - options begin at only $10.99 per month. Simplify and clarify what feels like such an overwhelming process with all the guidance, tools and insider secrets of a wedding expert, so you can plan your wedding with confidence and ease!
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