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Next to decor, music is one of the most impactful elements that will set the tone for your event.  It can instantly create an atmosphere and energy that will define much of the total experience for you and your guests.  Making sure you find exceptional entertainment is key to every successful celebration.  The bands, DJ's, and performers below are all phenomenal, each would make for an unforgettable night of fun!  There are options ranging from memorable duos and trios perfect for intimate venues, all the way to 15 piece dance bands with the energy to fill a Ballroom. It is really just about deciding the best fit for your vibe and your budget. 


Élan Artists

Available Nationwide & Internationally



Élan Artists is a cooperative of musicians and artists who embrace a fresh and personalized approach to special events.  They offer an unmatched variety of live music and performing artists, available across the US and internationally.  In the Chicago area alone, ÉA has over 15 dance bands, more than 20 boutique and vintage ensembles, and hundreds of immersive and thematic performance acts ideal for providing your celebration with a memorable, personalized experience.  There is a perfect fit for every entertainment need–everything from an interactive DJ Band blending live drums, guitar and sax into DJ sets, to a jazz ensemble featuring the sultry sounds a female vocal/violinist singing with a vintage microphone in her Louboutins.

Services & Pricing
  • Selection of 15+ Dance Bands – Pricing Begins at $17,500

  • Selection 20+ Boutique Ensembles – Pricing Begins at $1,250

  • Contact for Custom Pricing for Performance Acts